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  • Build trust in our communities within Beltrami County, by working closely with community members and leaders in fostering positive relationships to more effectively reduce crime and help solve community problems.
  • Help educate area youth to make  positive choices by working with     non-profits and other programs with a goal to decrease drugs and  juvenile crime in our area, and create future leaders.
  • Improve the Beltrami County jail facility by moving forward with the plans for a larger more modern facility to provide better safety for staff and  inmates.
  • Seek out and provide programing for inmates to achieve a successful     transition from the jail back to the community to reduce criminal behavior reoccurrence.
  • Work with area resources that provide mental health services in order to identify and provide services for those who struggle with a mental health disability. With an aim to lower the local crime  and violence in our   neighborhoods
  • Mentor our area law enforcement to be strong leaders and to give back to their community by being more involved in the community, attending city and township meetings and events. 
  • Improve Employee retention and    reduce costly turnover by creating a positive work environment, building strong relationships, and affirming that their work is valued.


Committee to Elect Jason Riggs
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